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My third and latest collection of poetry, entitled Uncharted, was published by Graffiti Books in September 2022. It focuses on uncertainty and times ahead, with poems touching on many unknowns, such as our expanding universe and humankind's future within it; our own trajectories and ambitions; and the "unchartedness" of trying to write.

Of it the poet and editor Alison Chisholm wrote "Derek Healy brings together poems of joy and wit, the marvels of the extent of our universe, a lament for - and celebration of - the ageing process, pandemic frustrations, and all the wonder that is human life." Polly Stretton, poet and editor, wrote "His poems take us to the cosmos, to the countryside, to children growing up. This is a medley of communication tiered with aims, wants and emotion."

Uncharted costs seven pounds in paperback and is available from Amazon, also at , or direct from the poet himself at A cheaper e-book version is also available from Amazon.








My first full length collection of poems, Made Strange By Time (Matador), was published in 2018.  It's available from the publisher (, Amazon, and from me via email.


My second full length collection, entitled Home, was published in June 2020 by Graffiti Books.





'Derek Healy writes beautifully.  Lyrically rich, vividly imagistic, poignant and moving, these poems stay with you long after their reading.'  - Anna Saunders


'They reward rereading by revealing layers of meaning and emotion, and his skilful use of form, as well as free verse, is a joy.'  - Rona Laycock


'Derek's thought-provoking poetry ranges through lyrical reflection and wry, self-deprecatory humour to the raw honesty of his evocative musings on man's insignificance in the grand scheme of things.'  - Marilyn Timms


Home costs seven pounds and is available via Amazon and at  or direct from the poet himself at


I have had poems published in a number of literary magazines in this country and in the USA:


The Cannon's Mouth


Common Threads (USA)


Ibbetson Street (USA)

Lighten Up Online

The Lyric (USA)

Muddy River Poetry Review (USA)


The Road Not Taken (USA)

The Salopian

The Seventh Quarry


Writing Magazine


​My poems have also appeared in several local anthologies, including on five occasions the Gloucestershire Writers' Network Cheltenham Literature Festival competition anthology.

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